About Voi Village Company Limited

Voi Village Company Limited is a Kenyan Real Estate Development and Property Management company creating innovative properties that capture the imagination and expectations of the luxury market. The company is currently developing a multi-purpose development, The Voi Village Complex (VVC), in the growing town of Voi in the Kenyan coastal hinterland. Concurrently, Voi Village Company Limited is developing an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to produce apparel for the international market, also in Voi. This EPZ centre will be run by Voi Apparel Manufacturing Limited in partnership with Atlas Manufacturing Group.

Focused on excellence, the complex comprises a commercial centre called The Lulu Centre, residential units, a hotel named The Taita Falcon hotel, and a series of Luxury Villas.

Voi Village Company Limited was registered under Kenyan law on 27th May 2014. The company’s vision was to provide innovative properties that add significant value to the region, to lead the way in championing the highest standards of environmental sensitivity and sustainability, and to raise the standard of excellence in the Kenyan real estate sector.

The company chose to begin its operations in Voi town, in Kenya’s Taita-Taveta County for several reasons.

First, Voi town has been growing at a remarkable rate, especially since the initiation of several national and regional infrastructure development projects. Examples of these are
the expansion of a superhighway connecting Voi to Arusha town in Tanzania, designed to ease the movement of goods from Kenya’s Mombasa port into Tanzania and the surrounding landlocked countries
the completion of the the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line to ferry passengers and cargo. Mombasa is the largest port in East Africa, and the SGR connecting this city to Nairobi city in the interior is the biggest infrastructure project in Kenya since the country’s independence

Another appealing factor favouring Voi as a location, is that it lacks modern, functiona,l quality-designed, commercial and residential properties. This presented the opportunity to develop the first commercial mall between Nairobi and Mombasa and for residential housing of quality. The market was also open for a modern hotel, complete with conference facilities, in the Voi area.

To meet these needs and their attendant opportunities, Voi Village Company Limited conceived the multi-purpose Voi Village Complex.

Also to serve the area, and to take advantage of its favourable factors, the Company is pioneering the Export Processing Zone mentioned above.

These two large-scale development projects position Voi Village Company Limited as one of the leaders in innovation, excellence and environmental sustainability in the real estate sector in Eastern Africa.

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