Where is the complex?

The Voi Village Complex is situated in Taita country – 2.5km from the Voi CBD, 160km from Mombasa and 340km from Nairobi.

Why Voi?

Voi has rapidly developed into a vibrant town and economic centre for agriculture, mining, tourism, transport and infrastructure, with a projected GDP growth of 7.6% by 2017.

It’s prime location presents several opportunities on a local, national and international scale:

  • it is close to the mineral-rich Taita hills, world-famous Tsavo national parks, large-scale sisal farms and high-potential agricultural lands of Taveta and the Moshi region of Tanzania
  • it is a logistical base for road transport of goods from the Kilidini port in Mombasa into the Kenya hinterland and beyond
  • it is situated near a proposed container depot at Maungu (just 15km from Voi)
  • it is a stop on the proposed SGR Mombasa-Nairobi Railway line
  • it is home to private universities including the Taita Taveta University College (a constituent college of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology a.k.a. JKUAT)

Who are the developers?

The Voi Village Complex is being developed by Voi Village Company Limited, a Kenyan real estate development company.

The complex is the brainchild of Paul Kitololo, a businessman who hails from Taita and has decades of experience setting up, managing and directing businesses in a variety of industries. Mr. Kitololo currently serves as the company’s Executive Chairman.

Voi Village Company Limited’s Board of Directors is comprised of several other professionals with personal ties to Taita-Taveta County, and a passion to see it thrive.

Will there be reliable energy and water supply?

The complex will be energy self-sufficient, thanks to an on-site solar plant,which will supplement power from the national grid. Under- and above-ground water tanks will supplement water from the Mzima Springs pipeline, which is 1.5km from the site.

Waste water recycling will help to keep the extensive landscaped gardens green and fresh.

How can I reserve a commercial space, apartment or villa?

Contact us via this form to place your expression of interest.

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