The Lulu Centre mall

Presenting Voi’s first mall, The Lulu Centre. The Lulu Centre offers the best of both worlds, a perfect blend of modern convenience and the refreshing atmosphere of a holiday retreat, . Here you’ll experience all the conveniences of contemporary urban living, nestled away in a serene environment surrounded by untouched nature.

The Lulu Centre will provide over 38,300 square feet of purpose-built retail and office space for local, national and international businesses. It will house an exhibition hall suitable for expos and trade fairs, and the recreational spaces you’ve come to expect from a 1st-class mall such as the food court, movie theatre and children’s play areas .


A one-stop destination for Voi and the wider Taita county, The Lulu Centre will include everything from department stores and large supermarkets to a variety of boutiques and permanent stalls.


Create an unforgettable first impression. Our offices are an oasis for businesses that serve a discerning clientele and those that prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of town while still being conveniently accessible. Take advantage of the several amenities that The Lulu Centre will offer, including

  • plentiful secure parking and 24-hour security surveillance;
  • shops and restaurants;
  • conveniences such as a daycare centre and nursery school;
  • an auto workshop;
  • and of course The Taita Falcon hotel with its many business and leisure facilities.

In Summary

The Lulu Centre is a purpose-built retail and office space on three floors, including:

  • Retail space for boutique-style shops, a supermarket (international or national chain), ‘big box’ retail outlets.
  • A food court
  • Movie theatre and Auditorium
  • Outdoor Arena
  • Specialty bars and restaurants
  • Exhibition Halls, Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • Casino and Games Centre
  • Office suites
  • 300 secure parking lots , automated billing, 24 hour security surveillance and control room, green zones and plays areas

The Lulu Centre will be owned and managed by Voi Village Company Ltd. which is charged with property management responsibility for the mall.

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